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Enforced Male Chastity: His ebony girlfriend makes him beg for release! (Caged by his Ebony Girlfriend Book 1)

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Enforced male chastity began as a corrective of masculine misbehavior. Mistress Owners dole out orgasms as rewards. For being satisfactory servants, men earned brief release from their MCDs (Male Chastity Devices). This isn’t true of the women. They have been trained to get sexual satisfaction by arousing their husbands or by masturbating. The men expect their wives to be aroused and give them sex when they are horny. It’s a subtle-but-important difference. Male sexual arousal is easy to detect. Our penises display our arousal. Women have much more subtle signals of heat.

Making Male Chastity Enforcement Real - Medium

Once your man has become a bit used to chastity, and perhaps even to his regular schedule of releases, it is a good idea to take them away on a whim, either here and there or even as often as you like. It helps to keep firm in your man's mind that chastity and release aren't about simple reward and punishment. Chastity is about giving you everything that you want, sacrificing simply for your happiness, and putting you in the driver seat of every aspect of your relationship that you choose. Release dates are only guide posts, you are the leader. It may seem cruel, but a key component of enforced chastity is to keep your caged male in a continuous state of heat. Every day without an orgasm should feel like it is lasting forever and he should grow more and more desperate for release. That, after all, is the real core of all those chastity fantasies. The way to do this is through regular non-orgasmic teasing.After a period of every day for four hours jump it up to 8 hours or a bit longer. This is a big deal at this point. It should also be every day. The reason this is a big jump is typically this absolutely will cover a work day. A real routine day where the device is on in public during normal work and out and about routines. Remember this building up is EVERY DAY with no breaks. Again the goal is reducing constant that chastity device awareness. After a week or so of this routine it’s not only dulling that awareness but also conditioning the body to not constantly fight the chastity device. During this period there’s a good chance that you’ll need to use a smaller device, smaller ring, smaller. Not sure? Go smaller. Go as small as can possibly be MADE to fit as long as nothing is turning colors. Now for the bad news/good news. I’ve been through just about all of the widely available male chastity devices on my “mission” to resolve this hubby fantasy. There’s only two kinds that will actually work and both of them are going to seem extreme. The first kind will involve a penis piercing of one type or another. I don’t recommend this to start unless it’s already a done deal. I personally am just thinking about possibly getting hubby’s junk pierced a certain way so that I can install a very specific custom made chastity device that looks like it will be easy or zero maintenance. I’ve still not decided and probably won’t for quite a while as the device is expensive and the piercing is specific. Okay so what’s the other kind. Well get ready for it, sit down. The only other male chastity device that actually works — as in enforces chastity and will not come off is one with a stiff steel/metal urethral tube that extends at least inside (preferably behind) the ring when everything is assembled and in place. Yes it sounds and looks extreme. Turns out it’s really not. There’s a couple of days getting used to the feeling on your males partner’s part. He will have to really get used to taking a pee a couple of times but pretty much smooth sailing after that. As an added bonus it actually seems to reduce hubby’s willingness and ability to push against the chastity device when installed. I noticed this the very first day I finally went that direction. This was the answer and the first device I chose lasted almost a year once I got the ring size right. Hubby’s now in a a chastity device that’s shorter (about an inch maybe a little tiny bit more from the tip of it to the ring when assembled, it also has a strait steel urethral tube that’s about 2 inches, maybe a little more.) Some women enjoy playing chastity games with their men, without his agreeing to give them the final say. This is fine for some, but not for a truly female led relationship. To experience the real benefits of chastity, he must agree to give you full control. If your man truly cares more for your happiness than his own, he should be glad for the opportunity to prove his devotion and love to you. You should probably consider taking a serious reappraisal of a man who would rather have selfish orgasms than put you first and become a better person under your leadership. If you want him to take pleasing you seriously, chastity release has to be entirely your decision.

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Giving men orgasms is close to paying for service. Women owe men nothing. The lesser gender owes womankind thankfulness for permission to serve and worship. This isn't necessarily a one or two week agreement so whilst a trust in a key holder is always massively important, one cannot overstate just how important it is when you are going to give up control to this degree. Like a chastity 'game' there is the potential to set rules first however a popular alternative in this arrangement is the complete relinquishing of control to the keyholder. External Links - How to Cage Your Man | Picture Guide | Sarah Jameson | Elise Sutton | Rebecca Lawson | FLRA ruined orgasm is when you stimulate your male just over the edge and stop. You will see him react strongly but appear not to orgasm. However, within ten seconds you will see semen dripping out of his penis. You have triggered his orgasmic physical reaction but haven’t given his body enough stimulation to complete all of the steps needed for a full male orgasm. The semen dripping out is caused by the fact that ejaculation was signaled, but you stopped before the stimulation needed to get his PC muscle to squirt it out was triggered. My own journey down the road of lifestyle male chastity enforcement is nowhere near complete. I do have some degree of expertise now that I’ve implemented chastity enforcement with my own partner and helped to varying degrees of involvement with other couple’s relationships in that perspective. I’ve noticed enough of a pattern to describe the general properties how long-term male chastity enforcement will manifest in terms of sexual satisfaction on the female’s end as well as the male’s end of things.

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